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CRM is your best friend

March 22, 2017

Business Software

In a world dominated by social media and mobile devices, where most users are “attached” to their smartphones, tablets and connected devices, CRM technology can be your business’ best and most beneficial friend.

Nowadays, consumers -and potential customers- do not just use their mobiles to check their emails or browse the Internet. In many cases, they are using their devices to make purchases and payments. Furthermore, connected devices and wearables enable people to check on their investments, their business and so on… anywhere, anytime. So, since tour clients are connected, your business has to be connected as well. And this is where CRM technology comes in.

Let us start by stipulating that CRM systems work better when utilizing two pools of information: employees (and the way they search for and utilize data in order to build their customers relations) and customers.

As far as businesses are concerned, CRM can help them identify potential customers and markets, connect with them and maintain their relation with existing customers. Furthermore, CRM will provide them control over their natural and online presence, and information on competition. In order to take advantage of these benefits, you need to consider a CRM solution that will allow you to collect and track data through multiple channels. Including the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube) but also those related to your industry, so that you can connect with these markets. CRM technology will offer you the ability to use this data in order to collect information that will not just consist of contact numbers, but rather of personalized details that will enable you to develop stronger relations and ultimately increase your sales. In addition to your site and your presence in social networks, CRM can also include a mobile app that will essentially link your customers to the digital world, allowing them to interact with your business and increase, at the same, their engagement with wish lists, shopping lists and offers. This will significantly improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction rate, and consequently provide you with even more data that will help you improve your sales.

Finally, another equally important advantage that modern CRM systems offer is the ability to keep track of your competition. You can use the relevant available data -the same way you do with your customer data- to make safer, proactive decisions and capitalize on the existing market. You can customize your CRM system based on who and what you want to see, so that you don’t get lost in trivial details and you can stay focused on your target.

Helping your business improve its sales and, consequently, succeed is a big challenge. The ability to connect and interact with your customers in a way that will enable you to take advantage of the available data, is the most valuable contribution CRM n can offer you, thus becoming your best friend!

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