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Soft1 ERP in Mantis Group of companies

June 26, 2017

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Mantis Group of companies (Mantis – Fortis – Attraction), one of the top distributors of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and consumer products in Greece, selected SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of companies) and its ERP solution to fully support the distribution process of product categories that elicit impulse buying.

RDC Informatics, a SoftOne certified partner, successfully implemented Soft1 ERP, a contemporary business management solution real-time accessed by all 27 Attraction’s trading partners, who are in charge of distributing impulse goods to more than 20.000 points of sale (such as kiosks, mini markets, super markets and other retailers).

Fully integrated with the mobile order taking solution applied for Red Bull, Mars, Energizer, Wilkinson and Hawaiian Tropic products, Soft1 ERP is automatically updated with all new sales orders, ensuring faster and timely product deliveries. Furthermore, it is easily connected with other 3rd party systems and applications used by Attractions’ partners, supporting the unified management of their entire business operation.

Featuring powerful functionality, Soft1 ERP automatically generates product purchase orders, allowing for accurate and timely inventory replenishment in all distribution partners’ warehouse facilities.

The embedded BI and Reporting tools provide Mantis’ executives with advanced sales reports and real-time market insights, significantly improving all decision-making processes.

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