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HARLENIC HELLAS Publishing S.A. selected SoftOne’s Cloud Services

July 25, 2017

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HARLENIC HELLAS Publishing S.A, publisher of successful all-time classic book series like ARLEKIN, BELL, SILK and DARK MOON, has selected SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of companies) and its innovative Cloud Services to upgrade its IT infrastructure.

DREAM SOLUTIONS, a SoftOne certified partner, successfully implemented Soft1 Cloud ERP and ECOS EDI cloud service, enabling HARLENIC to automate and speed up all of its daily processes, as well as significantly reduce its operating expenses by eliminating any additional investment or server maintenance costs.

Delivering powerful functionality, Soft1 Cloud ERP offers HARLENIC the capability to fully standardize its production model, thus reduce production costs, eliminate product failures and improve order processing time. Integrating manufacturing with warehouse and financial management, Soft1 Cloud ERP provides real-time updates about raw materials and products, while significantly improves product inventory monitoring and management.

Utilizing ECOS EDI, HARLENIC securely connects with all of its business partners, regardless of the business software or accounting application they use. Incorporating cutting-edge features, ECOS EDI helps HARLENIC to instantly exchange any type of electronical data and paperless documents such as invoices, purchase orders, requests etc. within a few minutes, eliminating all operating costs associated with paper usage.

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