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New CRM trends

September 21, 2017

Business Software

The past years saw CRM turning into a tool that creates deep, long-term and consistent relationships with customers. How is this going to change in the near future? Let us have a look at the new CRM trends.

The power of data

The value of customer data is something that CRM started to take seriously into account in the last few years, when the tools that can properly utilize this data, were discovered. This trend towards collection, analysis, and action -based on the massive volume of customer data available to businesses- will continue to be present. As a result, analytics -especially predictive analytics– will come at the center of interest, along with the development of tools based on artificial intelligence for improved predictions, services and financial results.

Effectiveness at the center of interest

It is important to have in mind that most CRM decisions will be made with improved effectiveness being the No.1 priority. The simplification of the relationship and interaction with customers, along with a view to cut spending, will boost new and enhanced features, like self-service CRM. Moreover, it will contribute to further association between CRM and commerce, as well as to solutions like ERP. Besides that, cloud-based CRM will prove even more appealing, given that legacy CRM systems present more challenges and are less effective.

CRM user experience is maturing

The conversion of CRM from a contact manager to an experience manager and “relationships shaper”, is already seen as a possible development, even if it has not taken its final form yet. In practice, sales teams want access to more data while on the go, and customers want prompt answers using the most convenient communication channel for them. In any case, CRM needs to be easier-to-use, bringing further improvements in user experience. In addition, mobile CRM will transition from an app-phase to a platform-phase, which will improve and facilitate user access and experience.

Focusing on customers

Companies which tend to forget that customers are their main reason of existence, have seen their customer base turning to other companies with relevant products and services. Now, all have reembraced the idea that customers are everything. The need to foster even more comprehensive relationships with customers, is a clear proof of this turnaround, and this trend will continue in the upcoming years. Obviously, this relationship must prove mutually beneficial. Businesses will invest more in building and maintaining profitable relationships, only if there is evidence that they will achieve the desired ROI.


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