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The key advantages of Business Process Automation

October 5, 2017

Trends & Views

Business Process Automation (BPA) is an approach where businesses outsource as many of their repetitive processes as possible to automated systems, in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs. BPA is a subset of Business Process Management (BPM), which includes the management of complex processes through a combination of various methods.

Let’s see some key advantages and benefits of Business Process Automation:

Focusing on customer service

Your employees will be able to focus less on minor jobs and more on customer service. As automation takes on a key role and previously time-consuming tasks are reduced, your employees can turn their attention to customer needs and profitable business activities.

Integrating multiple systems

Apart from the customer service integration options, you can also automate various interdepartmental operations that until now were handled by separate systems. For instance, some processes -from financial to accounting, project management applications and logistics- may have required some manual work. In such cases, thanks to BPA, businesses can automate the interdependent processes, which are not only time-consuming, but can also lead to errors due to the manual work involved.

Advanced job assignment

Thanks to BPA, businesses can set a variety of rules to assign tasks to their competent staff members at the right time. This approach can truly transform your productivity, since your employees will only take on the tasks that fit their skills and their work will be evenly distributed. The result of using BPA is that employees contribute to the company’s profitability, while at the same time their moral is improved.

As it can be easily understood, BPA has significant advantages for business and employees, but at the same time, it requires attention and, in particular, monitoring. Every time your business is about to make major changes to its processes, it is important to first check the benefits pertaining to cost and productivity. In particular, you should be aware of the consequences BPA will have on your existing working processes and compare these consequences to the benefits of such an implementation. Cooperating with the appropriate vendor will help you choose the right processes for BPA that will provide you with the desired long-term results.

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