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5 reasons for ERP

March 13, 2018

Business Software

So far, ERP has been the No.1 choice for businesses that want to set their processes in order and streamline their workflows. In this article, we will focus in five key -although not necessarily obvious- reasons for which businesses need an ERP solution.

  1. Full integration

Full integration with every aspect of your business is one of the main advantages of ERP. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to monitor the supply chain and deliveries, as well as orders and available products. In any case, there will be no communication issues among the employees and across departments, since they are all accessing the same system. The elimination of communication issues saves time and, as we all know, time is money.

  1. Cost savings

There is a direct link between ERP and maximizing your revenue, since the main function of any ERP solution is financial management. By allowing you to work within a single system, this tool provides you with powerful decision-making options in real time. And, since there is no need to verify numbers, all arrangements are made faster. With such a system, there is no need for a complementary accounting software.

  1. Improved customer service experience

CRM is part of the ERP solution, and a meeting point for Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales. Then, all necessary departments align with these services to provide seamless transactions and quality experience. As a result, you will be able to monitor the consumer habits, needs and history of your customers to improve your business tactics.

  1. Cloud hosting options

Modern ERP solutions offer cloud hosting options, which means that you can store information to a safe location, away from vulnerable hard drives and servers. Consequently, you will have real-time access to the ERP system from anywhere, with the added benefit of data protection against theft or accidental loss. This can prove really helpful, especially for small businesses looking to expand.

  1. Μαximum productivity

All the advantages offered by ERP will collectively boost your business productivity. Direct access to all branches leads to minimized delays. This in turn will allow faster data transfers without undesired delays when information is requested, resulting in a better work environment for employees. Finally, even less time will be required for the training of employees, since the system works the same in all levels of a business.


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