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These are the current Enterprise Mobility trends

February 5, 2019


There are many factors that have revolutionized the use of mobile technology and the Internet, forcing businesses to adopt mobility solutions in order to keep up. Those that have already done so, not only have they attracted more clients, but they have also achieved an impressive increase in employee productivity. Let us review some of the current and upcoming Enterprise Mobility (EM) trends.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has infused all modern technologies with its potential, with machine learning being the main focus. Even so, the majority of businesses are falling behind in matters of automation and are overlooking the importance of AI in business processes. Then again, within the year, most businesses are expected to take advantage of the power of AI in one way or another, considering that digital assistants -such as EVA, the digital assistant of Soft1 Series 5 ERP- are apparent indications of the presence of AI.

Increased adoption of BYOD

More and more businesses are adopting this trend, whether it applies to laptops, tablets or smartphones. The immediate result is an even smaller acquisition cost for office devices. At the same time though, in order to avoid security issues, businesses must make sure that those devices are running the enterprise versions of all the necessary applications.

Cross-platform application usage

The premise of BYOD is related to the development of cross-platform applications. Considering that some businesses are using Android devices while others are using iOS, the need will arise to develop cross-platform applications that can be used on both platforms. Obviously, the cost of developing and maintaining such applications will burden the business.

Cloud migration

The need to use the cloud for storage purposes has increased dramatically, since businesses need to store a variety of different data related to their clients, their work, employees and so on. In order to cover the demand for data storage, cloud is becoming the optimal choice. The most important advantage of cloud storage is that it offers access from virtually anywhere; all it takes is a simple Internet connection.

Multilevel security

Since EM and BYOD mean that employees are using their personal devices for business purposes, the violation of security measures becomes a major business risk. One of the best options is to implement a multilevel model that will enable you to maintain a high level of security. A higher security level translates to safer data, since multilevel security cannot be easily breached. Business data has now become a valuable asset and its protection is one of the most important responsibilities for every business.

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