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Localization as part of your business’ digital transformation

April 12, 2019

Trends & Views

Whether you are a CEO or a marketing executive, you have surely contemplated by now whether digital transformation is the way to go. The answer is simple. Just consider that the modern digital marketplace requires brands and businesses to keep innovating in order to survive in this new era and remain competitive.

So, let’s see in more detail why digital transformation should be at the core of your business strategy, focusing on localization, i.e. the adaptation of authentic content for a new target audience, which requires something far more complex than a simple translation.

Brand value, strong business presence

Establishing your brand is not an easy task, especially in a highly competitive market. Nevertheless, content localization in combination with digital transformation can help you achieve your goal. Both your customers and other businesses in your industry will start noticing and valuing the content you’re publishing and the impact you’re having. In short, the further you go down the localization road, through digital transformation, the stronger your online presence will become.

More available markets

Localization entails that you’ll be translating your content in other languages as well, so that you can reach customers speaking Chinese or Russian, for example. Even though digital transformation, in its traditional form, focuses on internal restructuring, localization is most certainly an extrovert process and therefore an excellent choice, as it will enable you to place your brand in the international market map.

Flexible content

Content localization will offer you significant opportunities to update and reassess your content marketing strategy. As a result, you’ll be able to effectively create an even more manageable and flexible content structure, providing your international audience with new types of engaging content. Managing such a process is an important task, so make sure to thoroughly examine the available options, partners and services before making a decision. Once you’ve clearly determined your goals, the digital transformation of your business will prove a very quick and enjoyable process.

High ROI

Every single business should consider their ROI before proceeding with an innovation. After all, digital transformation may not appear to be the most cost-efficient way of upgrading your business model at first – but content localization is an important investment for online brands for one more reason: organic traffic. Localization will bring organic traffic to your website. This is clearly a more successful marketing strategy than paid ads, live events, etc. The ROI of localization, in the context of your business’ digital transformation, is far greater than all previous marketing efforts, offering long-term profitability.

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