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All the latest defining ERP trends

May 31, 2019

Trends & Views

Are you looking to upgrade your ERP system or perhaps replace it? Read below to find out some of ERP trends that will help you make the right choice.

ERP for all

Traditionally, ERP systems were considered as a tool accessible only to big enterprises, but this is no longer the case. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, the software and implementation expenses have been drastically reduced, and now businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits ERP has to offer.

Cloud and digital transformation

The cloud is not just another platform or implementation option, but rather the key to digital transformation, and therefore ERP should be the same. An on-premise system is not the only option there is. Now, you can develop a cloud strategy that will include not only ERP but all your other systems as well.

Extended functionalities with AI, machine learning and analytics

Until recently, these features were only available as add-ons. Now, they are an integral part of any advanced ERP system, enabling you to develop in your own way and in real time.

The role of social media

Regardless of your industry, social media will change the way you do business on every level, so that your ERP needs are integrated with your social media strategy.

The role of personalization

Advanced ERP systems are designed with personalization in mind. Some even offer tools to customize your apps to your needs, improving everything, from productivity to customer experience.

The power of data

Data is valuable, so you need an ERP system that will enable you to access, analyze and display your data.


This is not something to be ignored. People that do not take data security seriously, end up facing the consequences. And although security is not an exclusive privilege of ERP systems, your ERP solution should integrate tools that protect the data stored therein and facilitate control.

Mobile access

The use of mobile devices is increasing and the mobile workforce is growing in all industries. Therefore, your ERP system should be able to offer your employees full and uninterrupted access to data – anywhere, anytime.

The power of features

Choosing an ERP system based on its features alone, is never a good idea. Nevertheless, it is important to assess the offered features based on your business needs, as well as test them, in order to ensure that they actually offer everything they are promising.

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