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COCO-MAT invests in Soft1 Series 5 for its digital transformation

September 11, 2019

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COCO-MAT, the internationally renowned company manufacturing innovative products and home furniture with natural materials, has chosen SoftOne’s (member of Olympia Group of companies) powerful Cloud ERP solution to fundamentally change its entire business operation and performance.

Incorporating next-generation cloud technology, Soft1 Series 5 frees COCO-MAT from large up-front investments and time-consuming maintenance tasks, thus sets the pace for a faster, smarter and more cost-effective operational model. Featuring rich functionality and an intuitive UI, Soft1 Series 5 helps COCO-MAT integrate all production, commercial and financial activities in a single, business transformation platform. At the same time, it provides real-time communication between the company’s headquarters and its retail store network, while ensuring online tracking of orders, payments received, customer outstanding balances and product inventories.

Soft1 Series 5 expands its capabilities to any smart device, enabling remote data access from anywhere, anytime. Thus, it allows sales executives to efficiently carry out daily tasks such as order management, complaints or product sampling, directly from the point of sale, improving customer satisfaction.

Utilizing advanced web services, Soft1 Series 5 seamlessly integrates with COCO-MAT’s e-Shop and B2B platform, ensuring timely updates of sales orders and customer invoicing processes in 100 points of sale in Greece and abroad, on a daily basis.

Mr. George Minardos, Chief Financial Officer of COCO-MAT, stated: “Strongly committed to innovation, we invest in cloud technology and a powerful business transformation platform that enables us to accelerate our people competencies to deliver greater value to our customers.

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