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Enterprise Mobility: A one-way street for SMBs

September 18, 2019


Businesses of all sizes have started integrating mobility solutions into their workflows, in order to benefit from the flexibility and scalability they offer. Nevertheless, many SMBs are still reluctant to implement an EM strategy.

The question that many small and medium businesses are striving to answer -and one that it is interesting to investigate- is how mobile solutions, and in particular MDM solutions, can be effectively integrated with the infrastructure of an SMB.

Given that the number of active mobile devices is increasing by the day, many businesses choose to use such devices for important operations. Employees are no longer restricted by the physical limits of their workstation, or even their office, as they can use their mobile devices, platforms and applications to access everything they need.

There are many operational challenges that mobile devices can effectively meet, including access to files and data from anywhere -either in the office or on the go. Furthermore, as businesses are rapidly adopting BYOD policies and technologies, the potential uses of personal devices also increase. SMBs can integrate EM solutions as a way to respond to such challenges, and at the same time enhance their productivity and keep their personnel satisfied.

SMBs and Enterprise Mobility

The obvious difference between SMBs and big enterprises when it comes to adopting mobility solutions, is scale. SMBs do not usually employ specialized IT experts, whereas big enterprises typically have an entire dedicated IT department. As a result, enterprises can assess and integrate this technology, and setup the corresponding workflows and policies, more easily and securely.

On the other hand, SMBs have greater flexibility in determining their priorities, as the volume of tasks and issues to be addressed is significantly smaller. Since SMBs clearly use fewer mobile devices than big enterprises, mobility management can be less rigid, while still ensuring that best practices are applied.

As for how SMBs can effectively take advantage of mobile solutions, device management is the first option. MDM solutions allow you to ensure that every single one of the solutions integrated with your infrastructure, is running both securely and efficiently.

Secondly, as the case is for all devices included in your infrastructure, you’ll need to protect your business from external and internal security threats that may arise from the improper use of mobile devices.

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