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EM: Challenges and solutions!

July 6, 2020


Developing a solid Enterprise Mobility strategy is indeed important, but it also requires preparation and planning. There are certain challenges you should be mindful of, if you want to avoid problems. Read below to find out what these challenges are and how you can overcome them.


Businesses, and especially those that have adopted a BYOD policy, are overwhelmed by the increasing number of devices and operating systems, as they are now called to meet the ever-growing mobility needs and at the same time respond to the requirements of their users. In the end, users expect a seamless and error-free mobile experience with all their devices. At the same time, businesses also need to respond to the technological advances, so as to keep up with competition.


This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. Apart from the increased cost of mobile devices and networks, your business should also take into account hidden expenses, such as the cost of providing services to employee devices or the expenses that may arise from a security gap.

As your business grows, and you hire more employees and have more connected devices, the total cost related to mobility will increase, making ROI one more challenge that needs to be handled through proper strategic planning.

Shifting to Mobile Device Management

Having more devices to manage than ever before, managers are now turning to MDM solutions in order to manage and secure new endpoints. Nevertheless, these solutions as well, present significant challenges, as their quality is an important factor when it comes to their functionality and safety. So, it is up to the provider to offer the best MDM solution for each customer’s needs.


Mobile devices can pose a security risk. Hackers search for security gaps, which are expected to exist as the number of the connected devices increases. Everything, from apps to Wi-Fi networks, can be a potential risk. The solution is establishing strict policies and training your employees about the risks of data breach that comes with using mobile devices, but this is often not enough.

Some businesses are turning to new solutions, including Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), in order to secure all their endpoints. This particular challenge is further magnified by the continuous influx of IoT devices.

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