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G.B. Georgakopoulos S.A. invests in Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 for its digital transformation

November 12, 2020

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G.B. Georgakopoulos S.A., the prime import and distribution company of auto spare parts and car body repair components in Greece (including exports to Cyprus and several countries in the Balkans), has chosen SoftOne’s -member of Olympia Group of companies- powerful digital transformation platform to efficiently support its entire business operation.

By implementing Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5, G.B. Georgakopoulos has unified commercial and financial management in a contemporary cloud ERP solution that provides all of its distribution centers (in Athens, Thessaloniki and Belgrade) with real-time access to a single database of products, customers, suppliers etc.

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 incorporates powerful inventory management modules, enabling G.B. Georgakopoulos to efficiently manage warehouses and accurately monitor inventories for more than 150.000 product codes. Utilizing parameters such as predefined safety stock, the platform automatically generates purchase orders, ensuring sufficient stock replenishment and quantities on an ongoing basis.

The system fully supports auto spare parts ordering processes, simplifying and automating data entry and routing for more than 3.000 sales orders every day, thus it helps the company to provide improved customer service and experience to retailers, business partners and resellers.

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 seamlessly integrates with ECOS EDI cloud service, assisting G.B. Georgakopoulos to instantly exchange electronic data (stock updates, financial data etc.) with all of its business partners regardless of their ERP system, while eliminate all transaction costs associated with paper usage.

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