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Dioptra Publications has chosen SoftOne EINVOICING

April 26, 2021

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Dioptra Publications, one of the largest publishers in Greece with more than 40 years of presence in the market and many best sellers in various genres, has chosen SoftOne (Certified E-invoicing Service Provider by the IAPR and member of Olympia Group of companies) and its cloud-based solution EINVOICING to embark on its digital transformation.

EINVOICING has been fully integrated with Dioptra’s existing business software, without any additional investment cost or technical adjustments, fully automating customer invoice processing (including both B2B and B2C sales transactions).

Utilizing pioneering cloud technologies, EINVOICING enables Dioptra Publications to instantly issue and digitally transmit certified invoices to both its customers and the myDATA platform, without using a fiscal device. In this way, EINVOICING frees Dioptra Publications from time-consuming processes such as daily issuing of Z reports, archiving and replacing fiscal device’s paper rolls, while ensuring seamless invoicing of e-transactions 24×7 (without the need for the physical presence of its employees).

Mr. Andreas Bakoulopoulos, IT Manager of Dioptra Publications, stated: “SoftOne’s EINVOICING solution fully meets our business needs for increased speed and accuracy in all sales transactions, as it automates invoice issuing and processing while it frees us from any cost and manual processes that are generated from the use of fiscal devices.

EINVOICING cloud service automatically transmits the sale receipt while receiving an order (in less than 1 sec), thus it saves Dioptra from having to attach it during product delivery. Furthermore, it also provides all wholesale customers with a supporting data file for automated data entry directly to their ERP system.

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