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Soft1 ERP in Forel

August 31, 2021

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The well known women’s fashion and clothing brand has chosen SoftOne’s ERP solution to support its entire business operation

Forel, a Greek brand operating for more than 35 years in the line of trading women’s clothing and apparel both in Greece and abroad (via privately owned stores, shop-in-shops and independent retailers) runs SoftOne’s (member of Olympia Group of Companies) powerful ERP solution to optimize its business processes.

The implementation of Soft1 ERP was carried out by Orosimo Software, a SoftOne certified partner, unifying Forel’s Commercial and Financial management, CRM and eShop management in a single contemporary ERP platform that ensures seamless retail operation while it enables faster and totally secure business transactions.

Soft1’s embedded retail functionality brings together every part of Forel’s operation, allowing for timely stock replenishment and faster product deliveries to both consumers and retail stores. In addition, Soft1 fully supports all tasks related to sampling, such as monitoring samples in terms of Color/Size, converting samples to stock items, calculating raw materials inventory and producing ordering reports.

Mr. Thomas Chatzoulas, President & CEO of Forel, stated: “Soft1 is a contemporary ERP solution that fully supports all aspects of the clothing industry, ensuring seamless retail operation. It features powerful functionality that fully automates time-consuming daily tasks, providing our company with significant cost savings as well as better resources allocation.

Fully integrated with Forel’s eShop and shipping management software, Soft1 ERP fully automates and speeds up all daily “online” business operations: from order taking and processing to voucher issuing and tracking. Moreover, utilizing the Soft1 Mobile Warehouse application, Forel can better organize and manage its warehouses and stock locations, thus efficiently support tasks such as receiving items, picking-up commodities, internal trafficking, stock-taking etc.

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