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ΑΙ + Machine Learning = Enterprise Mobility

September 22, 2021


Enterprise Mobility (EM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two of the most interesting trends among the changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic to the business landscape. And their combination is fascinating since, ultimately, all human decisions are based on two elements: mobility and intelligence. Let’s look at the ways in which AI and Machine Learning affect Enterprise Mobility.

One of the main advantages of EM is that it enables employees to work and remain productive from anywhere and anytime, using the right tools (platforms and devices). The ideal EMM solution can increase productivity, making employees more accurate in results and more efficient in their tasks.

Businesses are urging their employees to use smartphones at work for increased productivity and performance on a daily basis. Mobile devices that are enhanced with the right apps and content promote efficiency on multiple operational levels. Smartphone manufacturers have already been exploring technologies that can contribute even more to this.

Smart devices

Smart cameras, built-in translation features, enhanced mobile apps and mobile device security. AI can analyze user behavior and device usage patterns, and offer apps based on the users’ needs, preferences and priorities.

Machine learning allows these devices to manage resources and improve CPU, RAM and ROM performance so that they are more efficient, while disabling unnecessary and memory-intensive apps running in the background.

BYOD strategy

Businesses that focus on BYOD have seen improved productivity and operational efficiency, when their employees use AI-enabled smartphones. Thanks to AI, device speed, features, applications, and usability are enhanced. If you look at the big picture, AI leads to improved functionality and productivity, reduced operating costs, minimal delays and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

App analysis

AI aims to change and improve the business logic within apps, as they can now take advantage of the interface and the use of speech, gestures and visual recognition. Applying machine learning to business processes gives businesses insights on how end users spend their time on apps, which helps app developers and businesses improve their processes and business operations.


Those that have integrated chatbots with EM will enjoy significant benefits, such as enhanced employee experience and improved transparency in employee and workflow performance, resulting in better decision-making, improved communication among teams, increased employee productivity and real-time problem resolution.

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