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What is SoftOne’s “Digital Transformation with Simple Steps” and why it concerns businesses

May 20, 2022

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Digital transformation has emerged as a key business priority in today’s world. But this does not mean businesses know exactly what it consists of, what its requirements are, how it is implemented and, ultimately, what it costs. SoftOne’s “Digital Transformation with Simple Steps” answers these critical questions in a clear way. How? With simple steps, small victories that yield visible results from the first days of implementation, offering confidence and a vision of evolution.

Digital transformation offers businesses the framework that will allow them to become more agile and more extroverted in a highly competitive world. The main problem is that it is not that simple, at least not as presented. And this is because clear answers are not usually offered, at least not ones that meet the precise needs of each business.

This creates additional stress for business leaders as they try to figure out how to manage this transition in a coordinated yet safe manner. SoftOne offers the solution to this problem with “Digital Transformation with Simple Steps”. It is in fact the most reliable, clear, and measurable response to the challenges posed by digital transformation, starting from the not so obvious fact that it is a mistake to start with the whole process in mind, in all its implications. Instead, it is preferable to take small steps in the right direction, ones that will bring small victories.

In simple terms, this means that there is no need for big upfront investment, time-consuming analyses and difficult decisions that may have to be made hastily and end in failure. An example of a small and effective step is the implementation of e-invoicing, which is done directly and simply, and then the integration of solutions such as cloud ERP and CRM. With just a few steps, you will have succeeded in starting the process and significantly improving the image of your business.

Consequently, in a short period of time, these solutions will be integrated, taking you to the next stage of digital transformation. But the mere fact that they will operate autonomously and seamlessly will unburden IT and free up valuable resources, allowing them to be streamlined and allocated where it really matters.

Do not forget that SoftOne is a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies and business digital transformation, since it was the first to bring the subscription model in business software, but also SaaS solutions, cloud ERP, etc. With a particular focus on the needs of SMEs, it is once again leading the way in implementing digital transformation in simple steps. Small battles that you win every time, strengthening your business and preparing it for the future.

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