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Digital transformation in Greece has SoftOne’s signature

May 20, 2022

Trends & Views

SMEs, the backbone of the Greek economy, need to adopt digital transformation at a faster pace to remain competitive in a rapidly changing international environment. The solution to the problem is SoftOne’s “Digital Transformation with Simple Steps”, which is based on the concept of small steps, small successes, with measurable cost and visible results from the very beginning.

From the outset, it should be taken for granted that the adoption and implementation of so-called digital technologies is a prerequisite for survival in today’s competitive environment. It is no coincidence that already in 2016, the EU developed a strategy for the digitization of the European industry, aiming to boost competitiveness so that all sectors can benefit from digital innovations. The problem is that, in terms of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Greece continues to lag its partners, even though steps forward are constantly being taken.

Admittedly, the pandemic has given a further boost to digital skills and digital transformation, while according to surveys, one in three Greek businesses consider transformation to be a necessary strategic step for their upgrading. And if the general direction is reasonable and accepted by most people, the problems always start in the “afterward”, in the how, in the details. This is where the answers start to become vague and generalized by most “experts”, so businesses continue to be, and rightly so, cautious.

The answer to the problem comes from SoftOne, the innovative company that brought digital transformation to the country for all, and whose solution differs from the existing ones in the following way: it is implemented in simple steps, with defined objectives, and offers “quick wins”. In this way, business leaders are relieved of the stress of being credited with a failure that may occur in a desperate attempt to find an immediate and all-inclusive solution. Instead, SoftOne’s solution offers immediate, measurable, and visible results, in simple steps that are linked and interconnected. At the same time, SoftOne offers a solution to the problem of integration, which is always a concern for businesses attempting to adopt digital transformation.

Any company that will adopt SoftOne’s “Digital Transformation with Simple Steps” will enjoy – from the first day of implementation – tangible results, measurable and fully targeted to its needs, that will enable it to complete the transition to digital transformation.

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