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Why digital transformation is a matter of steps

June 17, 2022

Trends & Views

Although digital transformation is necessary for the survival and profitability of any business, it usually “stumbles” on practical issues. SoftOne has the solution to this problem with its “simple steps” approach to digital transformation, which offers measurable and fully reliable results from the very first stages of implementation.

Digital transformation is one of the most important new trends of our time, as it offers businesses, and especially SMEs, the opportunity to substantially upgrade their internal processes in order to respond to new conditions and competition. In this sense, most businesses recognize the necessity and are interested in finding out what is required to proceed with the adoption and implementation of specific measures.

The main problem is that business leaders have considerable reservations, as the procedures seem quite complicated. But even if they do show interest, they are not unlikely to be disappointed by poor results, costs, delays, and unachievable goals. Unfortunately, this is compounded by the fact that consultants and experts of all kinds offer generalizations instead of adequate and reliable answers.

SoftOne’s new approach, which focuses on achieving digital transformation with simple steps, is the appropriate response to the challenge. It entails targeted and autonomous steps, which have the basic advantage of being immediately implementable, offering tangible and measurable results. Moreover, they are linked to each other, offering a solution to the classic problem of integration that businesses face, as well as to the disruption that can occur in other processes if proper attention is not paid. In this way, businesses gain quick wins, renewing their confidence and establishing continuity.

The first step could be e-invoicing, which can be implemented both quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Subsequently, there is always the possibility of adopting a cloud ERP and CRM solution, which will result in improved customer relationships, profitability and ultimately an upgraded business image. Gradually, you will build a sufficient digital transformation profile thanks to small steps, which will lead you to the next stage with security and stability.

SoftOne remains a pioneer and innovator in terms of cutting-edge technologies and business digital transformation, and it is no coincidence that many businesses rely on SoftOne to modernize and improve their profitability.

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