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Coffee Lab invests in SoftOne’s solutions for its digital transformation

December 6, 2022

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Coffee Lab, the largest Greek coffee franchise network with more than 170 stores in Greece and abroad, has chosen SoftOne and its innovative ERP solution, to embark on its digital transformation journey.

The implementation project was carried out by “Revival Consulting Services S.A”, a SoftOne certified partner, unifying Coffee Lab’s production, commercial and financial activities, in a contemporary ERP solution that automates several time-consuming processes (such as production management, inventory monitoring, orders management as well as receivable and payable management), thus significantly reducing its operating cost.

Integrating SoftOne’s new, innovative B2B/eCommerce platform, Soft1 ERP fully supports the operation of Coffee Lab’s franchise network – from order taking, rentals and contract management, requests for new franchise stores, to monitoring all corporate fixed assets that are granted to franchisees. At the same time, it automates and improves credit control process by applying predefined rules and sending emails to all Coffee Lab and company departments.

Utilizing Soft1 Fintech’s pioneering technologies, Coffee Lab connects in real-time with all major online Greek banking platforms, performing online collections, payments, transfers, as well as checking balances and transaction history, directly from Soft1. In addition, Soft1 has been fully integrated with EINVOICING cloud service, that enables Coffee Lab to issue certified e-invoices, and automatically transmit them to the IAPR’s myDATA platform, thus ensuring its compliance with the existing e-Books legislation.

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