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Cloud CRM and Customer Experience

February 13, 2023


The idea of what CRM is and what it can offer has drastically changed in recent years. Global CRM adoption is an undeniable fact since several tech leaders are competing each other in the new world of cloud CRM. The results are tangible when it comes to customer experience and loyalty, as well as customer data analytics. New CRM trends will offer marketing and sales professionals all the data they need, among other things.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the leading CRM trends in 2023, and as more and more businesses are starting to use it, CRM systems are adapting accordingly. In 2019, Gartner predicted that, by 2023, 50% of CRM applications will be using machine learning or AI. AI improves customer experience, automates repetitive tasks, personalizes communication and much more. Thanks to AI, organizations can build better relationships with their customers and improve their marketing efforts.
Improving customer relationships is a significant benefit. Artificial intelligence is integrated with the enterprise management software, analyzing customer behavior, and thus enabling a better understanding of customer preferences and behaviors. A CRM tool can then utilize this information to send customized messages to customers, improving satisfaction rates and encouraging returning business.

ΙοΤ Integration

IoT will continue to affect CRM trends in 2023. IoT is a network interconnecting billions of connected devices. These devices can collect and transmit data, allowing users to monitor and manage many different aspects of their daily life. A growing number of IoT devices can be integrated with enterprise management software, thus enabling the integration of IoT and CRM data, and consequently, the better management of customer touchpoints across channels. According to Fortune Business Insights, the IoT market size was estimated at 384.70 billion dollars in 2021. This market is expected to grow from 478.36 billion dollars in 2022 to 2,465.26 billion dollars by 2029, with a CAGR of 26.4% during the estimated period.

Automation Improvements

Automation is the primary technology used in enterprise management software and will continue to affect CRM in 2023 and the years to come. This technology continuously improves CRM features, helping businesses remain organized as their list of contacts and team members keeps growing. It also improves functionality, with features such as email integration and social media management. The main benefits of automation are increased productivity, reduced expenses, improved accuracy, enhanced customer experience, and improved and continuous learning.

Mobile CRM

Providing instant access to information, mobile CRM is one of the most important cloud CRM trends for 2023, as it has been specifically designed for devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It offers quick access to customer data – anywhere, anytime – and facilitates business management.

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