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myErgani LIVE by SoftOne: “Digital Employee Card” solution management for any business

March 22, 2023

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SoftOne Technologies proudly presents myErgani LIVE – an innovative business solution that fully automates “Digital Employee Card” management for any company, regardless of its business software or/and payroll application.

myErgani LIVE is fully aligned with the provisions of the relevant legislation, thus it enables businesses operating in the Greek market to easily, timely and accurately comply with all “Digital Employee Card” requirements. Featuring a specialized mobile application (QR scanner) as well as seamlessly integrated with both SoftOne’s myWorkplace application and any time and attendance system (BI Timer) available in the market, myErgani LIVE easily adjusts to different business needs, providing companies with multiple ways of collecting and transmitting employees’ arrival and departure data to the ERGANI II Information System.

At the same time, myErgani LIVE features Web Check-in/Check-out mode, ideally serving the needs of businesses with remote employees such as Insurance and Security companies that have been recently obliged to apply the “Digital Employee Card” legislation. Many companies across these industries (such as G4S, Mega Group, MY SERVICES Facilities, Spartan, DIAPLOUS maritime services, PHOENIX facility services, FALCON, AIG and ORIZON 1964) have already adopted myErgani LIVE to collect and automatically transmit all required employee data to ERGANI II.

Incorporating several “Digital Employee Card” management tools, such as bulk data submission to ERGANI II (in case of real-time transmission failure), alerts for omissions or incorrect entries, notifications, reminders etc., myErgani LIVE ensures full compliance with the existing legislation on an ongoing-basis.

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