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How AI makes ERP more efficient

April 29, 2024

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AI software in business refers to computer systems or applications that perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, decision-making, problem-solving and more. The application of AI in ERP and business is expanding rapidly, offering significant advantages in several areas.

All major ERP providers are focused on integrating AI technology into their solutions, and even though full features have not yet been developed, vendors are advancing their future vision for AI integration.

What is the impact of AI on ERP?

Data utilization: AI allows businesses to harness the vast amounts of data accumulated over the decades. This is not limited to internal data only. AI can integrate and analyze external data sources, such as macroeconomic indicators or weather patterns, offering predictive analysis and machine learning.

Conversational and Generative AI: Many ERP providers focus on Conversational AI, allowing users to interact intuitively with the systems. Instead of navigating complex environments, users can simply ask questions or request data, like the way one interacts with ChatGPT.

Creative data analysis: Artificial intelligence opens new possibilities for data analysis. Users can ask AI to create visual graphical representations or innovatively compare different data sets. This requires a change in the way employees are used to using ERP systems.

Third-party artificial intelligence solutions: In addition to integrated AI features in ERP systems, businesses can consider standalone AI solutions. These solutions can work alongside ERP systems and offer advanced AI features.

The move to cloud-based ERP systems is happening in parallel with the development of artificial intelligence in this area. Cloud computing offers a more dependable data model and process standardization, vital for AI functionality. In addition, the cloud facilitates the integration of external data sources (such as from IoT), enhancing the features of AI.

In conclusion, AI is not just a word, but a transformative force in the ERP field. As providers continue to enhance AI features, the way businesses use ERP systems will fundamentally change. This includes more efficient data analysis, forecasting capabilities and improved user interaction with the system.

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