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myCustomer: The new Soft1 Cloud Service

October 9, 2013

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SoftOne introduces the new cloud service “myCustomer” which is available with the new “Open Enterprise Edition“. The service myCustomer enhances and improves the efficiency of your daily business transactions and automates processes with your customers and partners.

With the new service myCustomer, your customers can be notified by e-mail every time you issue them a document. Also, your customers can access a dedicated portal to view their issued documents, access their financial records and orders status, view the statistics of their purchases and access your latest price lists.

Any business can achieve a significant reduction in operating costs and customer service time, while enhancing its relations with customers and partners. The new service myCustomer is operated by SoftOne in the secure and trusted environment of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.

With the use of cutting-edge technologies, innovative Cloud functionality and new possibilities for mobility solutions, Soft1 software is constantly evolving and offers a modern computerized environment with significant benefits and advantages for today’s “open enterprise”.

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