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So, what does the cloud has to offer after all?

October 16, 2015


There has been a lot of discussion -and much remains to be said- about the dynamics of the cloud, how it has become a trend and a solution that modern businesses need to turn to in order to drive their operations into the future. So, how much of all this is true? The reality is that cloud services can help a business reduce operating expenses and at the same time, increase the overall savings and ROI, thanks to certain features they integrate. Let us take a more thorough look.

You pay based on the supplied services

Why pay for services you rarely use and are just another item in your expenses list? The cloud gives you the ability to pay exclusively for the services, the features and the resources you actually need. So, you can reduce your overall expenses by eliminating the cost of redundant services that have skipped your attention. Similarly, you can choose the cloud services that better suit your changing needs and the development of your business.

Cloud means flexibility

The physical access to data, files, applications and services that requires the use of on-site equipment or local network and severs is restrictive and rather obsolete. Cloud services offer a solution to this problem, as you can give your employees the ability to work wherever they may be, without any of the limitations and boundaries imposed by a traditional working environment. It has been established that the flexibility provided by the cloud has immediate and positive impact on the personnel’s effectiveness and productivity.

Safety and protection

Unlike the typical problems caused by equipment failure, network crashing, physical damages or even theft from on-site servers, the cloud offers guaranteed additional safety. Actually, it is the actual logic and the architecture of cloud services that minimize potential obstacles and disruptions caused by usual issues, while in the case of more serious problems, they assure that your company will be up and running in no time. Finally, off-site data storage offers a higher degree of safety and the certainty that recovery is always available and complete.

The inevitable conclusion is that cloud services and solutions decrease operating expenses and offer flexibility and safety. It is, after all, more convenient to have access to the services your business needs through the cloud. Relying on on-site servers for data storage, hosting or access to critical applications and programs, has proven to be quite expensive. So, depending on your needs, cloud services can offer you significant advantages that you simply can’t overlook.

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