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Soft1 mCRM

Soft1 mCRM is a powerful mobile application that offers around-the-clock access to real-time information, allowing your sales people to manage tasks, monitor key analytics and collaborate better while on the move.

Enable your sales teams to enhance their productivity and achieve more, accessing important information on sales, payments and orders and carry out tasks related to support issues and leads management from a mobile device, regardless of where they are located.

Soft1 mCRM is fully compatible with all Soft1 installations, regardless of their operating model (on-premise or in the cloud).


Manage and analyze your business contacts and customers' information.

Plan your work and keep in track your scheduling. Setup demos, calls, and appointments, from the palm of your hand.

Stay connected with your leads and opportunities. Close more deals with confidence while on the go.

Prioritize and better manage your tasks and projects. Improve your time allocation and meet timetables with ease.

View and manage orders, sales, and payments.

Browse all active items and view item statistics, item price lists etc.

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