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The “best bottled water in the world” chose Soft1 ERP

May 24, 2016

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AHB GROUP S.A. has chosen Soft1 ERP to fully support all of the business processes of THEONI natural mineral water which has been recently declared “Best Bottled Water in the world” at the 26th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Soft1 ERP delivers powerful Production Management functionality, enabling AHB GROUP to model, plan and supervise its entire bottling process, thus successfully respond to the rapidly growing product demand in the domestic, as well as in the European, Asian and US market. The Integrated Internal Costing module automatically allocates manufacturing expenses to predefined cost centres for accurate product cost valuation, while the advance Purchases tools ensure efficient raw materials management and monitoring.

Including Supply Chain Management application, Soft1 ERP fully supports Lot Control, ensuring that every piece of inventory flowing through AHB GROUP’s warehouses, can be tracked to its group of origin. Fully integrated with existing peripheral systems, Soft1 provides real-time order management, while automating all purchasing, receiving and distribution processes.

Soft1’s embedded BI and Reporting tools generate extensive sales, KPI and financial reports (including Accounts Receivables – Payables and Cash Flow), allowing better and faster decision-making.

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