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SOFTONE Group: Strategic investment in Global Sustain, a leading Greek company in the ESG sector

September 20, 2023

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The Group’s new strategic investment breaks new ground in the business software industry, making ESG practices accessible to all businesses through state-of-the-art technology platforms.

SOFTONE Group of Companies, the leader of cloud-based business solutions in SE Europe, announces its strategic investment in Global Sustain, the industry leader in ESG consulting services and solutions (E-Environmental, S-Social, G-Governance). Through this investment, SOFTONE Group is acquiring a significant part of Global Sustain’s share capital. Together, they will establish a new company dedicated to designing ESG platforms, with a primary focus on automating the collection, evaluation and management of data related to environmental (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G) practices.

The partnership between SOFTONE, a leader in cutting edge business software, and Global Sustain with its proven know-how in ESG strategy, reporting, and intelligence, will create cloud-based platforms that will enable all businesses to comply with the evolving ESG regulatory requirements and support them in establishing their long-term sustainable growth strategies.

The CEO of SOFTONE Group of Companies, Panos Martinis, welcomed Global Sustain, stating: “With this move, we are breaking new ground for the software industry, bringing the two leading business software and ESG companies under one common goal. Recognizing the growing importance of ESG and combining Global Sustain’s subject expertise with SoftOne’s innovative cloud technologies, we envision platforms that will enable all businesses to standardize and automate the collection, assessment and exchange of ESG-related data. We are even more proud because through the development of these platforms we will bring the issues of environment, society and sound corporate governance at the heart of operations of every company.”

The Founder and CEO of Global Sustain, Mr. Michael Spanos, stated: “Our alliance with SOFTONE Group gives us a competitive advantage in an era where ESG criteria and data are a new reality for an increasing number of businesses. By jointly creating a series of enhanced services and innovative digital solutions, we will empower each business to maintain its competitive edge in its industry and effectively meet future regulatory compliance requirements. We believe that the early adoption of ESG technology and platforms would position organizations to effectively navigate evolving regulations, while also aligning with emerging market practices and trends.”

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