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IoT and business strategies

April 11, 2017

Trends & Views

Even smarter products

There was a time that phone calls was all that you could expect from your mobile phone. Since then, there have been dramatic changes and now, there is very little that you cannot actually do with your smart device. This is a development we need to thank IoT for, but it will not be the only one, as in the coming years this trend will prove to be even more dynamic. So, we’re expecting to see results in designing and manufacturing even smarter products that will bring even bigger opportunities for businesses, thus ensuring productivity and improved ROI.

Transformed business models

IoT will bring changes to the existing business models, at least in some industries. Most probably, businesses will focus on customer behavior and, based on that, will redesign their future, short- and long-term, business strategies. It is more than certain that a large number of businesses will “love” the ability to access such data for the purpose of promoting their products and services.

Smart decisions and processes

What you need to know about IoT is that a big part of it has to do with smart sensors, and not just smart devices. These innovations will prove to be influential in terms of production, regardless of the industry your business belongs to. For example, you will be able to record data and send it to the cloud. Furthermore, you’ll be able to gather specific feedback on how your customers are using your products and services, as well as how they are responding to your services. In reality, these insights will help businesses better understand their customers’ demands, and improve their operations and their overall decision-making process.

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