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Soft1 ERP in Relax Pools & Gardens

September 27, 2017

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Relax Pools & Gardens Ltd, leading company in the quality swimming pool market in Cyprus, has selected SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of companies) and its contemporary ERP solution to support its entire business operation in the most efficient and effective manner.

Onset Solutions, an authorized partner of SoftOne Cyprus, implemented Soft1 ERP unifying all business functions (from commercial and financial management to CRM and payroll) in a single system that allows Relax Pools & Gardens to experience significant cost and time savings, optimized project management and resource allocation.

Soft1 ERP enables the company to successfully manage both swimming pool and landscape gardens construction and maintenance projects, providing its executives with a complete picture of each project in terms of time allocated, parts and materials used, cost analysis and profitability. Soft1’s embedded CRM module offers a set of project management tools like task management and timesheets that allow Relax Pools & Gardens to easily track the amount of time and resources assigned to a task (over a period of time), accurately calculate costs and bill its customers on the total hours spent on it.

Featuring weekly and monthly planners and smart system gadgets, the solution assists top management to better organize and assign their personnel to the projects that the company undertakes, while it provides real-time visibility on their daily activities and their overall performance.

Fully integrated with other third-party applications being used, Soft1 ERP speeds up all daily transactions, eliminating the need for re-entering duplicated information, keeping data in spreadsheets or any other manual entries.

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