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The enterprise mobility strategy you need

September 29, 2017


Creating an enterprise mobility strategy entails some serious decision-making related, at the same time, to business and technology. The core decisions include the following:

  • Mobile devices policy: BYOD/CYOD (Bring Your Own Device / Choose Your Own Device), COPE (Corporate Owned – Personally Enabled) and COBO (Corporate Owned – Business Only) policies are the most popular.
  • Applications functionality: Choosing the mobile apps features that will be the most effective for your company’s processes.
  • Integration: There is no reason for your business to include mobile devices without connecting them to its existing solutions like, for example, ERP and CRM systems.

Choosing the right vendor

To better understand the outcomes of each choice and be successful in making the right decisions, you should consult a specialized software vendor and get their professional perspective. This vendor will provide you with solutions regarding your company’s processes that can be strengthened through the functionalities offered by mobile apps. Also, they will demonstrate existing apps with similar features or recommend some prototypes.

In addition, they will help you match the deployment method with performance, planning and budget requirements, as well as your preferred mobile devices policy. And, of course, your vendor will offer you the proper integration of mobile apps with your ERP and CRM systems.

Therefore, it is good to consider a long-term relationship with your vendor that will be based on mutual trust. Finally, an enterprise mobility strategy is not something to be decided upon hastily, and it can always be reviewed based on developments and new conditions.

The final decision

So, you have come to an agreement with your vendor; however you should not regard them as being the sole responsible party for the overall enterprise mobility strategy of your company. Although you will need and take advantage of their expertise, it is only you who can objectively analyze your options and choose the one that will be the most appropriate for your company’s interests.

Of course, this entails that you should be actively involved in the process, not only in order to assess its progress, but also to leverage the knowledge you have of your company and, as a result, start making better decisions.

In fact, building close collaboration relationships between your company and your vendor’s experts, while combining technological skills with business targets, will take you closer to the creation of a truly effective enterprise mobility strategy.


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