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Soft1 Series 5: The first Fintech ready business software

April 26, 2018

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SoftOne Technologies, member of Olympia Group of companies, once again changes the way businesses perform their daily operations, leading the way for the seamless integration of ERP systems and online banking platforms.

Soft1 Series 5 ERP opens up the space for extensive business process automation, introducing the innovative Soft1 Fintech module that enables businesses to process their day-to-day banking transactions, directly from their business software.

Soft1 Series 5 fully supports interconnectivity with online banking platforms, via Soft1 FinTech. Utilizing the Soft1’s bank integration module, users can easily manage all company bank accounts directly from Soft1 Series 5, thus check balances and view transaction history while also ensuring electronic bank statement reconciliation.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and real time bank data, Soft1 FinTech updates Soft1 Series 5 with all bank account transactions (such as wire transfers, money transfers, bank charges and payments), automatically performing all necessary data entries in Soft1’s bank accounts. At the same time, it also enables companies to implement their banking transactions directly from the relevant entities of Soft1 Series 5.

Soft1 FinTech is available in all Soft1 Series 5 bundles, currently supporting interconnectivity with NBG’s (National Bank of Greece) “i-bank” system, while integration with the most major e-banking platforms is in progress.

Mr. George Marinos, Director of Digital Transformation at NBG, stated regarding Soft1 FinTech: “Soft1 Series 5 seamlessly collaborates with NBG’s online banking services, incorporating comprehensive fintech technologies that can help today businesses -both startups and established companies- expand their business opportunities.

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