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Soft1 Cloud ERP in Welcome Stores

May 31, 2018

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Welcome Stores, a leading Greek company in the line of trading electronical, electrical and other home appliances, has chosen SoftOne’s (member of Olympia Group of Companies) contemporary Cloud ERP solution to efficiently support its business processes and modernize its IT infrastructure.

Delivering powerful functionality, Soft1 Cloud ERP enables Welcome Stores to fully integrate all of its business procedures on a single, flexible ERP platform that ensures the seamless, real-time data transfer among the company’s headquarters and its network of (retail) stores, thus significantly speeding up the decision-making.

Soft1 Cloud ERP fully automates time-consuming tasks such as document or purchase order processing, driving bureaucracy out of the company’s day-to-day operation and eliminating errors. All documents are easily imported from one company to another, while all suppliers automatically receive purchase orders (via email).

Utilizing Soft1, Welcome Stores has managed to unify its entire retail operation, fully covering its fast growing needs for process automation, faster business transactions and cost savings (both labor and running costs).

Operating on the cloud infrastructure of the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Soft1 provides real-time access to business data from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, it frees up the company’s IT resources as it eliminates any need of running multiple servers, VPN and other maintenance tasks, system backups etc.

Soft1 Cloud ERP has proved to be the right choice for us as it successfully supports our retail operation, connecting Welcome Stores with its points of sales, in real-time“, stated Mr. Dimitrios Gkenios, IT Manager of Welcome Stores. “Soft1 Cloud ERP is a reliable, easy-to-use and highly customizable ERP system that fully covers our stores’ retail needs, regardless of their size.

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