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SOFTONE Group of Companies: placing Crete at the heart of digital transformation through the establishment of a new branch

December 4, 2023

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Dynamic contribution of SOFTONE Group and its partners’ network to the digital transformation of businesses in Crete was the main topic of the special event held for the inauguration of the Group’s new branch on the island.

SOFTONE Group of Companies, the leading provider of cloud-based business solutions in Greece, presented during a special event, its vision for the acceleration of digital transformation in Crete, as implemented through the operation of a branch office on the island. The special event took place in Heraklion, on Friday, October 20, in the presence of 250+ representatives of local businesses from different sectors, such as food and beverage industry and tourism.

SOFTONE Group’s presence in Crete aims to actively support the transition of the local businesses to the digital era, offering them direct access to an expanded portfolio of innovative solutions that cover the transformation needs of the back-office as well as their front-office processes. Leveraging the experience and expertise of SOFTONE Group’s executives, the new branch will contribute to the development of the local partner network, while ensuring the high-quality of the support services provided to the local businesses.

“The economy of Crete is experiencing strong growth as the island is becoming destination for major investments and a technological hub, while the academic community is being transformed into a rich reservoir of talent and know-how,” stated Mr. Panos Martinis, CEO of SOFTONE Group, adding: “We are giving a vote of confidence to Crete by proceeding with the establishment of a branch, as we see significant prospects for our Group, especially in the tourism sector. SOFTONE Group’s business proposal is a guarantee for the creation of high added value both for our partners and the businesses in the region of Crete, regardless of size and sector of activity.”

The SOFTONE Group branch, which resulted from the acquisition of AppSoft Software and Services SA based in Heraklion, has more than 4,600 customers, demonstrating an annual sales growth of 30%. Mr. Theodoros Patsiouras, representative of the branch, emphasized on the deep understanding of the local businesses, mentioning: “By exploiting the experience and expertise of our qualified executives and partners, we are able to undertake initiatives that will support the daily transition of local businesses to the modern era, while enhancing the digital capabilities of companies and their people.”

During the event, the company’s executives presented to the attendees the powerful digitization capabilities offered by SOFTONE Group’s solutions for businesses of every industry, such as accounting and tax offices, freelancers, hotels and retail businesses. At the same time, they highlighted the solutions’ contribution to the automation of critical processes that are at the heart of the businesses’ interest, such as e-invoicing and B2G, e-procurement, B2B eCommerce, HR and Payroll, Digital Employee Card, etc.

The event was attended by the President of the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Emmanuel Alfierakis, the Vice President of the Association of Hotel Owners of Crete, Mrs. Emmanuel Vassilakis, who also participated in a special panel moderated by the journalist Ms. Antigoni Andreaki -presented by Mr. Martinis- analyzing the challenges and opportunities created by the digital transformation for businesses in Crete.

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