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The impact of AI on ERP

April 11, 2019

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The effective use of your business data can offer you a competitive edge over your competition in the future. But in order to achieve this, you would first need to take advantage of AI.


The synergy between AI and ERP has already been established, especially in the case of chatbots and digital assistants (such as EVA the digital assistant of Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5), i.e. tools that can bring automation to your working environment and enhance productivity, so that your employees can focus more on the activities that generate value. The primary goal of AI tools is to help businesses gain more value from their assets, while human resources remain a significant success factor.


To achieve this goal though, you should not allow the existing ERP processes to prevent the implementation of an AI solution. ERP means structured data and your business should feed this data to AI tools that can put them to good use. In their turn, these tools will utilize the available data in order to support your company’s further development. In particular, digital assistants and chatbots can already add value to HR management and prove beneficial to other business processes. Furthermore, they can help with timetables and other features, such as expense reporting.


The same applies to other domains, such as user experience (UX), where AI can contribute innovations such as voice interface, which will become a prominent trend in the upcoming years. This innovation will solidify the relationship between human resources and ERP systems, eliminating the time-consuming requirement for personnel training on different platforms.


Below you can find some points of interest:

AI will support a range of different ERP processes, from supplies to the end user experience enjoyed by your customers.

– The integration of different processes in an ERP platform will play a crucial role for those who wish to utilize ERP technology more efficiently in the future. The key to success is the level of streamlining a business can achieve by taking advantage of its ERP system. To do this, employees should be able to interact with the ERP system in an effective manner, so that they can be free to focus on profitable tasks.

– Finally, ERP and AI technologies will need to focus on the human factor, even more than the previous ERP generations.


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