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AI is the future of CRM

June 18, 2020

Trends & Views

Integrating AI with CRM is beneficial for all organizations, and especially for SMBs that have been -unsuccessfully so far- looking for ways to better engage with and understand their customers. Read on to find out why AI creates such an important opportunity.

Smart workflows, increased automation

Automation and CRM are a match made in heaven. In reality, what AI offers is that it makes automations truly useful, bringing them closer to end users. People using CRM systems do not need to have special knowledge on automation, since the system either runs on its own or proposes the right automations.

Analyzing workflows with the help of AI leads to significant improvements in CRM usability, as it requires no manual clicks and settings, and therefore eliminates time loss.

Optimal data processing

The primary functionality of any CRM system is to create and maintain a reliable database that the company will process and analyze in order to determine its sales strategy. Thanks to AI-based technology, businesses can now improve their customer relationships through enhanced data mining, taking advantage of many different electronic devices, gadgets, wearables, social networks and other technologies that enable them to update and process such data more effectively.

Having access to more information, enables businesses to provide more opportunities in relation to their products and services, such as personalized newsletters and emails. Personalized messaging allows CRM to engage with customers during the best hours of the day, using attractive messages that have been composed with the help of big data.

Reliable data entry

The data collected by CRM can provide your sales team with important information. In the past, though, such data was not always reliable and sufficient, mainly because it depended on manual actions taken by the users. Now, enhanced integration combined with AI, that can identify incoming data, improves all such information that can be automatically added to the CRM system.

In particular, the solution handles the entire data entry process that was burdening the sales personnel so far, as it offers out-of-the-box integration with all the most popular productivity suites. So, thanks to integration with services such as Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, your sales team can now focus on building beneficial relationships rather than wasting their time on the far less valuable process of data entry.

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