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What innovations should we expect for ERP?

January 28, 2021


ERP technology is developing extremely rapidly. Cloud migration, which seems to be gradually proceeding both for vendors and their clients, is driving innovation. Vendors can now easily release updates and new features that, up until recently, would require significant time to be filtered or paired to the existing versions. AI, bots, and digital interfaces are only part of what the future holds.

Automation with AI

Automation is one of the comparative advantages that ERP systems have to offer. In the past, installing such automations required time and thorough knowledge of the process. Now, ERP manufacturers have found a way to optimize ERP automation with the help of artificial intelligence.

The concept is quite simple: since employees do not use all available automations, AI will help by suggesting the most appropriate automations in ease case. With AI, businesses will be able to automate their processes on a much larger scale, as the entire setup is performed by the system. Furthermore, machine learning eliminates repetitive manual tasks, and thus enables employees to spend even more time on strategic activities.

Voice commands with AI

Voice commands are a powerful trend, and many experts are expecting this revolutionary technology to enable voice interaction with business systems and allow people to complete tasks or respond to data requiring action – something along the lines of Siri and Alexa, but for businesses.

In the near future, voice commands are expected to become the predominant interface for ERP systems, enabling users to input data, control IoT devices and access data based on their assigned role.

Digital environment and processes

It won’t be long before businesses become fully digital. The extensive use of smartphones and digital technology have generated an increased demand for fully digital processes. Non-digital businesses are now at a disadvantage, and this will become ever more evident. A digital business is extremely beneficial for ERP manufacturers as well, since it can scale up the usage of the solutions that constitute its digital core.

This is why, ERP systems are expected to develop more to eliminate manual data entry, and enable direct recording of business data. This would also include actions such as additional integrations, and it would also entail improved mobile interfaces for field engineers and integration with IoT data.

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