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Enterprise Mobility is not just a trend

April 16, 2021


COVID-19 has had an enormous impact οn working models and business operations. Technology experts have been systematically praising Enterprise Mobility (EM) and its benefits for some time now, but many businesses continued to operate without it.

Until the moment that the pandemic drove the entire world towards remote working and businesses were faced with two options: remain as they were or take the steps that would offer them a way out. Those that were already using cloud and EM solutions were able to transition quickly to the new working model; the others rushed desperately to fill the gap.

Investing in infrastructure

In addition to changes in processes, EM requires investment and support from IT. To get started, businesses must first record existing resources, plan where new devices will be added, and develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

Using the right apps

According to surveys, 82% of employees use their mobile devices to check their corporate email or complete their tasks, given that they have access to enterprise apps. At the same time, 84% of employees claim that the ability to access business data through any device has boosted their productivity. But, none of these can happen without mobile apps.

It has been proven that over 40% of businesses depend on apps in terms of employee productivity, and an additional 40% depend on business apps to a greater or lesser extent. It is clear that EM cannot meet the requirements without the appropriate set of enterprise apps. Investing in the development of apps that meet the user experience requirements, is crucial. Contrary to incomplete apps that have a negative impact on productivity, well-designed apps contribute to employee productivity, saving time and money.

The role of the provider

Having the support of the right EMM provider is an essential factor in streamlining mobility and device management, and securing your business data and devices. With the support of the right EM platform, you will be able to take full advantage of your mobile initiatives, and guarantee the success of EM as a whole.

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