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Polyeco invests in Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 for its digital transformation

July 14, 2021

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One of the most prominent waste management companies in SE Europe runs SoftOne’s digital transformation platform to support all of its business processes

Polyeco, the first and sole integrated and fully licensed waste management and valorization industry in Greece and one of the most prominent waste management companies in SE Europe, has chosen SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of Companies) and its innovative cloud ERP platform to embark on its digital transformation journey.

The implementation project was carried out by Daskar Technology, a SoftOne certified partner, unifying Polyeco’s commercial and financial activities, as well as its customer relationship management in a contemporary ERP solution. Featuring pioneering (PA) technologies, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 enables Polyeco to automate time-consuming processes such as purchases of packaging and raw materials or expenditure approvals, significantly reducing its operating cost.

Fully aligned with the latest IAPR legislation, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series connects in real-time with the myDATA platform, supporting all processes related to the e-books data transmission. Soft1’s embedded BI & Reporting tools fully meet all departments’ reporting needs (especially those of the Accounting Department), while ensure fast generation of all forms required for the transmission of hazardous industrial waste.

Mr. Ioannis Koromilas, ERP Consultant/Programmer at Polyeco, stated: “Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 is a contemporary, functional and easy-to-use business software solution that accelerates our entire daily operation. It has already helped us reduce data entry time by 60% within the first months of its operation, thus it has enabled us to save man hours and significantly improve employee productivity.

Integrating CRM with Commercial Management, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 provides Polyeco with a 360 view of its daily operations, including trading parties transactions and lead generation. It also provides the company’s executives with all necessary tools to monitor projects and budgets, record autopsies and sampling, as well as automatically generate forms for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.

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