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EUROCATERING chose SoftOne EINVOICING cloud service for its digital transformation

December 13, 2022

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EUROCATERING, a leading, innovative company that operates in the agricultural sector and cultivates, sorts, processes and delivers fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables, chose SoftOne’s cloud service EINVOICING (Certified E-Invoicing Service Provider by the IAPR), as an important step for its digital transformation.

ΕUROCATERING was founded in 2000 and it guarantees the high-quality in every stage of the agri-food chain, until the end consumer. Among its products and services, the brand FRESKOULIS has a prominent position, as it introduced the fresh, packaged, ready to eat salads to the Greek Market, ensuring easy access to healthy eating.

The integration of SoftOne’s EINVOICING with EUROCATERING’s existing business software automated the process of transmitting certified, electronic documents without the need of any additional investment in hardware, while removing the daily obligation of printing, archiving, and transmitting paper invoices. Simultaneously, all documents sent are being marked, authenticated, and automatically transmitted to the IAPR’s myDATA platform, ensuring the company’s compliance with the legislation.

Mr. Ioannis Kostakis, CFO of EUROCATERING, stated: “At Eurocatering, in the context of our digital transformation, we chose SoftOne’s EINVOICING business solution that allows us to manage big volume of invoices efficiently, while reducing our operating costs due to the elimination of the time-consuming daily procedures and of the costs related to the maintenance of the electronic tax register system hardware. All the sales documents are electronically transmitted to all customers involved, instantly when issued, ensuring a better and quicker customer service”.

The awarded SoftOne’s EINVOICING, is the only software solution for electronic invoicing that is tested from the relevant scientific institution (University of the Aegean), receiving certification for its capacity to process a more than 5.000.000 documents per hour, while according to IAPR data it transmits the 87% of the electronic documents of the Greek market.

The implementation of done by DGSOFT , a specialized partner into electronic invoicing solutions

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