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ECOS myDATA by SoftOne: “myDATA” solution management for any business

October 1, 2020

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SoftOne, a member of the Olympia Group of companies and certified E-Invoicing Service Provider by the IAPR (Independent Authority for Public Revenue), proudly presents ECOS myDATA – an innovative cloud service that automates myDATA management for any company, regardless of its business software.

ECOS myDATA enables businesses operating in the Greek market to fully comply with the IAPR requirement for the e-book’s data transmission, freeing them up from any initial (and ongoing) investment or/and complex, cost-adding adjustments to their existing business software solution.

Compatible with any ERP system available in the domestic market, ECOS myDATA leverages all existing ERP data, entries and documents, undertaking the digital transmission of fiscal data (revenue, expense and year-end-accruals) to the IAPR’s myDATA platform – without upfront large and on-going hardware/software investments, major costs or technical adjustments to the company’s IT installation!

Operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as well as applying SoftOne’s certified Information Security systems and policies, ECOS myDATA transforms business data according to the IAPR document standard and enables companies to control and carry out all myDATA daily tasks via a user-friendly management console.

ECOS myDATA cloud service is automatically updated with new versions while it also provides instant expert guidance and technical support whenever needed, thus ensuring full compliance with the existing legislation on an ongoing-basis.

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