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The new labour market and the expansion of the Digital Employee Card

May 30, 2023

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The digital employee card is expanding to insurance companies, security companies and manufacturing in 2023. Despite some initial reservations and practical issues, the market seems to have embraced this measure that protects both employees and employers from chronic problems.

The measure of the Digital Employee Card will be introduced to insurance companies and manufacturing in 2023, while the remaining former public utility companies, in particular energy companies, are expected to join either in early summer or after summer. In addition, in autumn 2023 the Digital Employee Card is expected to be implemented in hospitality and tourism as well.

At the same time, the expansion of this measure will be accompanied by an information campaign aimed at professional bodies, chambers, and social partners to resolve any problems that have arisen, especially in the initial stages of implementation, which is considered unavoidable. The way this digital reform will be applied to the labour market is considered equally important. In this respect, businesses need to have the leeway of time, to make a smooth transition to the new regime, gradually assimilating the important changes provided for in the measure, to minimise problems as much as possible.

Essentially, the Digital Employee Card safeguards the recording of employees’ working hours, while at the same time certifying their presence in the workplace. The built-in technology facilitates the immediate detection of any infringements and false declarations on the part of either businesses or employees, protecting both. According to the Minister of Labour, the employee card will bring back labour justice, as it will record working time and overtime, while the data will remain digitally stored for ten years.

It should be noted that all businesses – employers in the country are required to have an electronic system for measuring the working time of their employees, whether they work on a contract or on a dependent employment relationship. This system should be connected in real time to ERGANI II. In this case, the measurement of working time is carried out using the Digital Employee Card.

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