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Soft1 Cloud ERP in Sarah Lawrence

May 18, 2015

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Sarah Lawrence, one of the largest companies in the line of design, manufacturing and trading women’s clothing in the Greek market, chose Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition to effectively support its business processes.

Implementing the SoftOne’s Cloud ERP solution, Sarah Lawrence ensures real-time connectivity between its 36+ points of sale, with no additional cost for infrastructure. Featuring Web and Mobile applications, Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition fully satisfies the company’s growing enterprise mobility needs, enabling its people to efficiently perform their daily tasks away from the office, using any device.

Soft1 Cloud ERP provides Sarah Lawrence with strong functionality to effectively organize and control critical functions such as raw inventory and raw materials management (including consumption estimations and reordering), as well as product supplies from third-party manufacturers. The embedded Soft1 solutions help the company automate, streamline and enhance its business processes in order to save time, eliminate errors and improve its overall efficiency.

Utilizing Soft1’s CRM module, Sarah Lawrence can leverage market insights for improving customer service, executing targeted marketing campaigns and exploiting new sales opportunities.

Read the Sarah Lawrence Case Study.

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