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Human resources and ERP systems: How to make this relationship work

November 3, 2015

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When it comes to the successful deployment of an ERP system, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the quality of the solution is an equally important parameter as the people that will be using it on a daily basis. So, in order to optimize the process, it is crucial to ensure that your employees will have a positive attitude towards the new system. Read below to see how you can make this relationship work.

The main issue when deploying an ERP solution is usually the time and energy it takes for the entire company to get familiar with the new system. To do this in the most effortless way, you need to describe the process step by step to your personnel in advance, so as to avoid any problems and negative reactions. Involving your personnel in the entire process, e.g. by explaining the reasons that this particular solution was chosen by management, and having them participate in all stages till it is completed, you gain their trust in both you and your choice. If you also present them with the changes that will take place during the deployment of the solution, then you can minimize any feelings of anxiety or uneasiness.

Count on your personnel’s emotions! This is another parameter that can work to the benefit of your business. For example, it is almost certain that your employees have gotten used to the solutions they have been using so far, but it is equally certain that these older solutions were causing problems. Take advantage of these negative experiences and feelings and convince your personnel of the benefits the new ERP solution will offer by explaining how it will improve their daily work.

When people feel left behind because things are changing too fast, and especially when they are not offered the chance to give any feedback to managers or other higher-ranked executives, it is almost inevitable that their effectiveness and performance will drop significantly. In order to avoid this, when introducing modern technology solutions, it would be best to ask for your personnel’s opinion and/or remarks, so as to make them feel they really contribute and at the same time improve the related processes. Thus, you can come up with a deployment strategy that will be mutually beneficial both for your business and the people directly involved with the new system.

Finally, training is also crucial for the successful deployment of your ERP system. In particular, before deployment is completed and the new system is put into operation, you need to define a timeframe for training employees on all new functionalities. In this way, end-users will become gradually familiar with the solution and they won’t have to learn everything at once, which may prove overwhelming and more difficult. After all, spending some time on your personnel, regardless of their rank, will make them feel valued, which is priceless in many ways.


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