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SHOPRANOS: A contemporary and cost-efficient Β2Β eCommerce platform by SoftOne

November 21, 2022

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SoftOne, a leading business software and cloud applications company, presented SHOPRANOS, the most contemporary and cost-effective platform for creating a B2B e-commerce store. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the cloud and state-of-the-art technologies, SHOPRANOS enables the quick and easy implementation of a B2B e-shop, without time-consuming procedures and hidden costs.

The new solution aims to contribute to the businesses’ digital transformation by enabling direct access to expanded markets. At the same time, it enhances the positive buying experience and communication between the company and its customers, while meeting up to their expectations with the automated 24/7 ordering, without errors and delays.

SHOPRANOS promises the seamless operation of the e-shop from any device with transaction reliability and security, but also with the required flexibility for easy and quick expansion of capabilities, as the needs of the business grow.

The B2B e-shop is fully managed in real-time through SHOPRANOS, including the management of customers, products, pricelists, and inventory, while establishing a direct communication contact between seller and key account manager or sales rep for immediate order placement and processing.

SHOPRANOS offers ready-made thematic templates for adapting the e-shop to commercial needs and to the corporate branding. With multiple communication options, smart sales dashboards, and integrated Google Analytics, the company’s e-shop is fully controlled with just a few clicks.

More information on the SHOPRANOS solution is available at www.shopranos.gr

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