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Soft1 360

Enterprise Mobility

Your business in motion


Put your business in motion with SoftOne’s innovative mobile solution. Make your employees more productive and collaborative, no matter where they are or what device they're on. Soft1 360 is an out-of-the-box mobile solution that revolutionizes the way your executives and teams work, connect and engage with your customers, suppliers and business partners.

Soft1 360 enhances the flexibility of use and the availability of critical business information from anywhere. It is an innovative application that extends Soft1 ERP’s "reach", helping your people seamlessly utilize its functionality whenever they need it, even when away from the office! Soft1 360 fully adjusts to your business and industry needs, as well as to each user’s role requirements, bringing increased workforce productivity on the go.

Soft1 360 is easily implementable in all Soft1 Series 6 installations, regardless of their operating model (on-premise or in the cloud).


Your project, your way

Accelerate productivity within your company. Help your people work more effectively and collaborate better, wherever they are regardless of device. Give them secure mobile access to the data they need, personalized to the way they work or according to their business role. And control everything from your main ERP system.

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Why Soft1 360

Increase productivity

Empower your business people to enjoy the flexibility of being constantly connected to your customers, suppliers and business partners. Soft1 360 is the ideal mobile solution to assist your executives doing their jobs effectively, no matter where they are or what devices they use.

Reduce costs and complexity

Unlock the benefits of mobility for your business, with Soft1 360. Enable your people to make more things with less complexity and in less time. Scale this flexibility across your entire business and ultimately reduce the cost of doing business.

Anywhere, any device access

Break free from the limitations of your office walls. Soft1 360 delivers a powerful and intuitive mobile-user experience that allows your people to access the data they need effectively and quickly at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Real-time collaboration

Whatever line of business you are in, Soft1 360 allows your employees the flexibility to communicate and collaborate more effectively with your customers, suppliers and business partners in real-time, regardless of location and time.

Better decision making

Improve the agility of your enterprise by enabling secure mobile access to real-time business information and provide better decision making capabilities to your employees -anywhere, anytime.

Improved customer support

Deepen your customer relationships and deliver great services and support with a comprehensive mobile solution. Empower your employees to leverage real-time customer data to offer personalized experience while on the go.


Soft1 360 can be easily adjusted through the central ERP system. The overall functionality, menus, fields, lists, forms etc. are configured for each user role or position in the company.

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Soft1 360 can easily define and control user rights as well as the accessibility of mobile devices. At the same time, the degree of information and interaction with the system is determined even at the level of executives, customers or suppliers.

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Soft1 360 is a cross-platform application that seamlessly works on iOS, android and any web browsers. Naturally, the user interface perfectly adapts to any device while applying corporate policies, fully supporting the concept of BYOD.

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Soft1 360 utilizes an advanced EMM system that provides full control, allowing companies to rely on a single point of control for the complete management of all mobile applications and devices.

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Soft1 360 operates in a controlled and secure environment. Keeping audit trails of all interactions along their geographic location, all requests are secured with SSL encryption and OAuth authorization.

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