Soft1 Payroll

Payroll management, simplified


Soft1 Payroll is a complete, reliable and highly secure solution that keeps your business up to date with all labor, insurance and tax legislation related to employee payroll, providing a new way for managing and streamlining your payroll needs. The application features strong customization capabilities that support even your most complex requirements with ease.

Soft1 Payroll includes a complete employee’s archive that allows you to input unlimited payroll and personal information, while tracking all employment relations. At the same time, it has the necessary infrastructure to address, in a timely and valid manner, all changes that will arise from the introduction of the Digital Employee Card and the online connection of companies with the ERGANI II information system.

Combined with the Soft1 HRMS application and the innovative Soft1 MyWorkplace employee-company interaction platform, SoftOne's payroll solution enables your business to embark on the digital transformation of all the HR-related operations.


A complete payroll solution

Soft1 Payroll is a comprehensive solution that enables you to directly “transfer” payroll costs into the commercial management module. This allows you to create consolidated financial statements, forecasts, and illustrate labor expenses in your company's cash flow.

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Why Soft1 Payroll

End-to-end payroll

Get all the functionality you need to automate and easily manage your payroll needs. Simplify and streamline your processes and execute complex payroll requirements, accurately and on time.


Designed to meet the changing requirements of both small and medium, as well as more complicated large enterprises, Soft1 Payroll ensures accuracy and flexibility at every stage of the payroll process.

Save time

Utilize easy-to-use employment data entry and modification models, quickly processing recruitments and changes in employment relations. Create and forward all forms and certificates of Ergani, EFKA and Taxis, easily meeting your labor and tax obligations.

Always up-to-date

Soft1 Payroll incorporates robust functionality and up-to-date payroll related legislation to ensure that your company is always compliant and risk-free.


Soft1 Payroll incorporates advanced tools that ensure real-time interconnection with worktime logging devices. Furthermore, it seamlessly collaborates with Soft1 HRMS and Soft1 MyWorkplace applications, fully supporting the entire HR digital transformation process.

Better decision making

Leverage Soft1 Payroll's embedded, powerful reporting tools and enhance your visibility and control. Extend the value of payroll information, easily produce advanced payroll reports application and monitor the fulfillment of your payroll obligations in real time.


Comprehensive employees archive with unlimited personnel and payroll related fields, advanced records of all payroll data.

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Integrated management of insurance funds (EFKA and other main and auxiliary insurance funds), management of all OAED programs and printing of all necessary forms, instant and online updates with any changes in insurance, labor, and tax legislation

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Monitoring payroll expenditures through the Commercial Management module, create commercial documents using payroll data, monitor financial liabilities to employees and government agencies, create unified financial reports and forecasts, illustrate labor expenditures into the Cash Flow Statement

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Accurate payroll forecasts, monitor and allocate payroll per employee cost center, advanced vehicle management, work log management with automatic update of employee payroll

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A variety of standardized printouts specially designed to meet every complex payroll need, possibility to design additional print-outs using user-friendly design tools

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Direct update of the financial subsystem (General & Analytical Ledger), data analysis in off-Book cost centers through Activity Based Costing (ABC) module

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Monitor employment relationships (employee, day worker, hour worker, freelancer, members of the Board, self-insurance of fired employees)

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Complete management of all collective labor agreements, with automatic updates of changes

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Create and send payroll files to cooperating banks, create commercial management documents with the payroll results for each employee with automatic transfer to their account (through the Soft1 FinTech module)

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