Soft1 Series 6
Dynamic intelligence

The automation of processes is a crucial practice for effectively supporting any type of business. New, innovative technologies are profoundly elevating business value, setting at the forefront the next generation in automation, that of intelligent process automation and machine learning. SoftOne proudly enters the exciting world of intelligent automation, artificial intelligent business support and machine learning with Soft1 Business Robotics, Soft1 B.A.M (Business Automation Machine) and EVA, the Soft1 Enterprise Virtual Assistant.

Soft1 Business Robotics

The new Soft1 Series 6 introduces "Soft1 Business Robotics", a truly innovative visual process modeling tool that operates asynchronously in the background of the ERP system, automating all processes and user interactions with the Soft1 software. It involves a robotic automation technology that allows any user to run any process (whether simple or more complicated) without the need for custom code, through simple wizard-like navigation.

Experience the benefits of robotic automation

Greater efficiency

Easily and quickly increase the productivity of your people, by turning the repetitive daily tasks of your teams into standardized and fully automated workflows.

Less complexity and fewer mistakes

Put an end to the complexity of each process and eliminate any unnecessary steps that add cost. Standardize all key processes and reduce the possibility of mistakes, failures and omissions that may be caused by human error.

Quick adjustment to changes

Easily create and modify the rules of any process depending on your needs in each case, with Soft1 Business Robotics. There is no need for time-consuming technical tasks, a few clicks is all it takes.

Intuitive user experience

The easy and fast navigation between the steps of a process through standard screens, makes the planning, completion, and monitoring of workflows simple for all users, with no training required.

More efficient collaboration

Implement common automated process flows between different teams or departments. Significantly improve the level of cooperation between your people and help each new or existing employee quickly learn how to perform daily tasks.

Better customer service

Ensure a high level of service for your customers and partners through fully automated, and even inter-departmental processes. Easily track the progress of each workflow, setting the rules and separate steps with the help of Soft1 Business Robotics.

The ultimate guide
to business processes

Soft1 Business Robotics lives in the user interface of the application and is in constant interaction with the users. In fact, it sets out and guides their actions step by step, ensuring the error-free completion of their tasks in the same way every time.

Workflow automation, easy and simple

No-Code requirements

Building on the unique capabilities of Soft1 Business Robotics, any member of your team can design and implement fully modeled workflows for simple or complex tasks, without the need for a single line of code.

Drag and drop design

Create workflows through the impressive graphical interface of Soft1 Business Robotics, easily adding steps by dragging & dropping. It is equally easy to determine both the hierarchy and the properties of each step and to modify any task, in the same simple and quick way.

Wizard-like navigation

Design and run any process, no matter how complex, through a wizard-like navigation that guides users step-by-step, displaying only the information they need to fill in, to complete each step.

Transparency and real-time control

Gain transparency in the flow of your processes and total real-time control of the progress of any automated workflow. Easily detect malfunctions or unnecessary steps and quickly adjust your processes with just a few clicks.

Soft1 B.A.M

The Soft1 B.A.M (Business Automation Machine) is a tool designed to define, coordinate and automate the execution of business processes. The Soft1 Business Automation Machine is available across the Soft1 platform. With Soft1 B.A.M you can automate a short series of actions or extensive, complex repetitive processes.

Soft1 B.A.M transforms the way work gets done across people and departments, enabling power users to swiftly design and implement their own automated processes.

Unlock the benefits of process automation

Boost productivity

Process automation is crucial in helping businesses run more efficiently. The more actions and processes an organization can systematize, the more time it will free up for its employees. The use of Soft1 Business Automation Machine eliminates tedious tasks from employees, allowing them to focus on more position related activities. Process automation ensures that all actions are performed identically, resulting in consistent results.

Minimize costs and errors

SoftOne’s Business Automation Machine assists businesses to eliminate all manual and human errors that would else cost valuable time and resources to handle. Soft1 B.A.M will notify for late actions, ignored tasks and much more. Moreover, using Soft1 B.A.M will reduce the time needed to achieve a task, the effort required to undertake it and the cost of implementing it successfully.

Utilize powerful insights

Soft1 Business Automation Machine allows managers to analyze comprehensive trend reports, realize serious bottlenecks and monitor performance in real-time. This enables managers to be more proactive, plan better, work more efficiently and make faster, more informed decisions, using insightful information.

Process automation in action

Drag & drop designer

Soft1’s Business Automation Machine enables business users to seamlessly map, design and modify any kind of process model either parallel or sequential, from simple projects to enterprise-wide programs. Without needing special training or coding, simply by entering each step of the process with drag & drop functionality.

Define rules & permissions

Set the critical policies and conditions, deploy efficiently a business process and engage users within minutes. Grant access to participants and ensure access privileges are granted to each user depending on their role and the deployed business process.

Native mobility

Soft1 Business Automation Machine naturally supports across the board integration with all Soft1 applications, including Soft1 Web & Mobile applications. It enables teams to work from anywhere, with any smart device, while process administrators hold full remote access to business operations and live processes.

Optimize every step

Manage and monitor any process, directly from the Soft1 application. Get real-time visibility into any stage of the process and identify inefficiencies that lead to bottlenecks and address them before they become issues. Get rid all the unnecessary steps, redesign and optimize your processes in no time. Keep track of changes and ensure that all recorded actions are safeguarded against new process versions.

Monitor your process portfolio

Easily check the progress of any process by viewing the status graphical diagram and examine user responses. Track all pending forms and actions and review the status of every pending item at any time. Keep all process participants informed, increasing the team's visibility and prompting timely responses.

Evaluate intelligently

Soft1 Business Automation Machine enables process owners and managers to create dashboards and gadgets to dynamically measure performance with real-time analytics. Using Soft1 Business Automation Machine, process owners have full capability to measure key metrics, being able to make decisions with much more agility and assertiveness.

Meet EVA

EVA stands for Enterprise Virtual Assistant, an innovative agent that provides business automation capabilities on any smart device. EVA helps and guides users to automate, prioritize and complete their tasks in less time than they used to. EVA provides Soft1 users with a truly remarkable and unique experience, as through EVA, they can communicate and interact with their business software in the exact same way they do with their colleagues: through conversation. For the first time, employees can utilize data and information of their ERP system without connecting with it.

All about the inner beauty

EVA is powered by a set of innovative technologies that include natural language processing, cognitive intelligent and conversational user interfaces.
It also effusively exploits the capabilities of Soft1 Web Services and of Soft1 Cloud platform deployed on Microsoft Azure.
EVA benefits from the most sophisticated engineering technologies available today.
As a result, EVA is capable of natural language processing across multiple channels, fully understanding what a user is asking on any preferred language.

More than a unique experience

EVA delivers an overall outstanding user experience, as it is the most natural, easy and fast way to get things done. Using its conversational and cognitive capabilities, EVA is fully capable of effectively performing specific tasks and respond instantly to simple user queries using as a communication channel either Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Through any smart device, EVA can instantly answer any question regarding financial and operational data, sales, orders, purchases, inventory status, manage approvals etc. It can also send and manage alerts, warnings and messages. All the user has to do is just ask EVA.

The future just started

EVA’s future is just bright. Incorporating even more innovative technologies in the future, EVA is set to reshape the operational model of modern businesses.

Exploiting and implementing even further machine learning capabilities in future editions, EVA would be capable of processing and automating most business tasks and interactions performed by employees on a daily basis.

Engaging users in the most natural way, EVA aspires to be the most preferable communication gateway with the business software in the near future.

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