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Human Resources management


Soft1 HRMS offers everything your business needs to develop a competitive work environment with modern and flexible work models, to improve productivity and reduce HR management costs. SoftOne's solution meets in the most effective way the specific requirements of an HR department’s operation, providing immediate and secure access to accurate information that supports informed decision making.
Soft1 HRMS includes a complete employee's archive that allows you to put unlimited personal and professional data, and supports the monitoring of every aspect of your employees’ development. Featuring powerful functionality, it enables HR executives to identify suitable candidates for key jobs, and evaluate each employee's performance in terms of their job description, their co-operation with colleagues, their behavior and their understanding of their role in the company.
Fully integrated with Soft1 myWorkplace - an innovative employee engagement platform, Soft1 HRMS drives HR digital transformation, eliminating traditional manual processes and optimizing daily operations, since all employees spend more time in high value-added activities.


Human Resources Management system

The Soft1 HRMS application is a complete, comprehensive solution that facilitates the evaluation of employee performance, allowing HR departments to identify and record training needs aiming to assist in faster personnel development. It also automates the management of CVs, simplifying the creation of a list with the most suitable candidates for each new job.

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Employee engagement platform

Soft1 myWorkplace is a truly innovative employee engagement web platform that provides your employees with real-time remote access to HR-related processes and information.
Featuring a friendly UI, it allows each employee to submit requests to their supervisor and/or the HR department (while tracking their progress), to gain access to their work schedule as well as important personal and corporate announcements, etc.

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Unique benefits for your business

End-to-end management

Simplify and automate all human resource management processes of your business with a functional and user-friendly HRMS solution that puts into practice the digital transformation of all day-to-day HR tasks and operations.

Increased efficiency

Maximize the performance of your employees by constantly monitoring their education and training needs. Provide your executives with the necessary tools for the evaluation of their staff, cutting by up to 50% the time for evaluation analysis and processing.

Better workplace environment

Create a modern workplace that promotes interaction between employees and the company and eliminates any unnecessary red tape. Provide your employees with everything they need to focus on more high-added value tasks.

24/7 operation

Empower your employees by offering them the capability to submit requests for approval at any time, using any device. Support all work models (physical presence or remote work) and business roles (salesmen, technicians, etc.).

Scale to needs

Optimize the operation of your HR department with a comprehensive solution that meets the requirements of any small or medium-sized company, while it offers unlimited customization capabilities that can efficiently cover the broader needs of large enterprises.

Better decision making

Utilize Soft1's powerful reporting tools to easily generate real-time reports for any HR-related metric (demographics and payroll, personnel training and evaluation, goals setting and monitoring, etc.).


Comprehensive employees archive with unlimited personnel and corporate related fields, electronic archive-keeping per employee, detailed monitoring of training, qualifications, skills, tasks, and goals

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Access by supervisors to their department’s attendance sheet, capability to submit shifts, absences, days-off, remote working, expansions of worktime, etc., with instant notification of both their staff and the HR department

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Shift scheduling by using multiple models and calculation rules

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Access by employees to the information that the company keeps about them (personal, corporate, communication details, etc.), capability to send a request to HR if there is any change in them (with simultaneous attachment of the relevant documentation if necessary)

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Access by supervisors to their staff's requests for their approval or rejection, detailed department leave calendar, online update of remaining leaves of staff members

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Monitoring of detailed organizational charts per company, branch, business unit and department, fully customizable to be easily adjusted to the specific requirements of each company

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Attendance at each type of seminar, informing employees about the seminars that concern them, detailed recording of participants and option for evaluation by employees

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Unlimited number of employee benefit packages fully defined by the position of each staff-member in the company's organizational chart

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Submit all types of requests for leave, with a parametrically designed approval flow chart and automated update procedures regarding the progress of each request

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Employee access to their work schedule, easy monitoring of work, leaves, absence days, etc., capability to update the calendar via web (check in - check out)

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Management of all types of evaluations (employee self-evaluation, evaluation by supervisor, manager, etc.) with parametric sets of questions and answers, performance analysis and score calculation

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Complete recruitment process, posting ads, receiving, and evaluating CVs, candidate evaluations

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Expense management and calculation of commissions

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Complete monitoring of all types of requests (certificates, change of personal information, financial facilitations, provision of equipment, etc.) with capability of tracking the approval process

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Web & mobile check in - check out with automatic creation of actions for arrival and departure times, capability to forward data to ERGANI II information system (as required by the legislation for the Digital Employee Card)

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