Information Security Policy

SoftOne Technologies S.A. is committed to protecting its information and handling all Information Security matters in general, with the same sense of responsibility, and just as methodically, as all other business issues, thus maximizing the benefits arising from its operation for all stakeholders including customers, employees and shareholders.

All SoftOne people constantly focus on supporting the implementation of Information Security Management policies to preserve the integrity, availability and confidentiality of data being managed within the company.

As part of our commitment towards information security, we aim to ensure 100% compliance with the prevailing data prevention and protection legislation, as well as with any business requirements arising from the strategic risk management policies that SoftOne plans and implements. Moreover, we intent to consistently invest on improving our Information Security performance, making all relevant corporate practices publicly available.

Aligned with state-of-the-art technologies and internationally-recognized best practices and standards, we define a series of business objectives and risk assessment measures, implementing and applying risk management processes as well. Furthermore, we provide continuous and adequate training to our employees so that they all become involved in ensuring maximum Information Security.

Constantly seeking ways to better implement security policies, processes and procedures, SoftOne will further improve its overall information security efficiency and effectiveness. Carrying forward our commitments, we will timely inform our customers, employees and shareholders for all ongoing actions planned to achieve our goals.

From the Board of Directors to its employees, SoftOne is fully dedicated to applying and supporting an ISMS, as information security is listed among its top priorities. The company sets security objectives and goals which will be regularly assessed to ensure that they remain in line with predefined corporate standards and practices.

Carrying forward its commitments, SoftOne applies an Information Security Management System certified under EN ISO 27001:2013 standard. The company has successfully undergone the external surveillance audit performed by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS and is subject to regular assessments to ensure that its procedures remain in line with global standards on an on-going basis.



EN ISO 27001:2013

EN ISO 27001:2013 is the global standard providing requirements for an Information Security management system. It provides evidence that SoftOne performs a comprehensive suite of controls to deliver on-premises and cloud services that operate with utmost reliability and security.